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We share our enthusiasm for model-based systems with strong partners.

From research to industry…

Together with partners from science, we develop methods and best practices that we successfully put into practice with and for our customers.

From science to the market….

Results from current research are inspiration and incentive for us to design market-ready solutions. They enable our partners and customers to be that decisive step ahead of the competition.

We are happy to share our “Passion for model-based Systems” with partners. Would you also like to be a part of the Lieber.Group?

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Scientific Partner

Pioneering research projects for the model-based future of our ecosystem.

Our scientific partners continue to research and develop the fields that match our DNA: model-based. In diverse projects, they further develop existing technology in such a way that they provide sustainable value for our network and the entire ecosystem.

We have a strong partnership with AIT Austrian Institute in long-standing projects. With ThreatGet, we have jointly proven how to take the path from innovation to Go-2-Market.

Projects and contact persons:

Cyber Security by Design  ThreatGet

Science Field Dependable Systems Engineering

Integrated model-based development environment Embeet

The Rami Toolbox has been developed for the environment of complex systems of Industrie 4.0. It is based on the “Model Driven Generation” technology of Enterprise Architect.

RAMI Toolbox

The SGAM Toolbox is a Smart Grid Architecture Model and is implemented as an extension in “Enterprise Architect”.

SGML Toolbox

The Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) Model-Integrated Smart Production (CDL-MINT) investigates fundamentals of software and system modeling with a focus on intelligent cyber physical production systems (CPPS).

CDL MINT: Christian Doppler Laboratory for Model-Integrated Smart Production

Our Clients

Challenging tasks, innovative solutions

Our customers understand the challenges of our time as an opportunity to assert themselves on the market or in the environment of state infrastructure. They transform the company on the technological level with the model-based approach. We support them with tools, training and coaching.

LieberLieber Software GmbH
Models play a central role at VW

Model-based systems engineering is now used in many areas of the VW Group. In a joint webinar, Daniel Siegl (LieberLieber) and Hermann Gollwitzer (VW) explained the background to this and the role LieberLieber plays in implementing this fundamental change in development.

LieberLieber Software GmbH

NATO relies on Enterprise Architecture

With the aim of modernising its business and IT landscape, NATO is relying on the recently introduced NAFv4 framework. The german Bundeswehr and the Swiss Army have chosen Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) as their standard modelling tool to use this framework with the UAF Metamodel.


Sparx Systems CE

Nictiz developed a reference architecture for hospitals with Enterprise Architect

ZiRA (Ziekenhuis Reference Architecture) was born out of the realisation that Dutch hospitals were dealing with similar problems, but there was no framework for cooperation in the field of IT. So ten IT specialists from different hospitals in the Netherlands joined forces and developed ZiRA using Enterprise Architect based on information needs and best practice examples.

Sparx Services CE

Business Transformation in the Financial Sector

Norbert Schattner of ifb Group was significantly involved in the development of the reference architecture REFRAME for over ten years. REFRAME is based on the SPARX Enterprise Architect platform and enables corporate transformations in the financial sector. Ifb focuses its architecture entirely on standardisation and automation.

Our Business Partners

Successful on the market together with leading partners

Business partnerships make sense for us at Lieber.Group when there is a shared understanding of the best solution for the customer. It is characterized by customer centricity and a pragmatic approach.

We can rely on partners for sales in specific geographic markets (UK, Japan, USA) and consulting partners for selected industries (Financial Industries, Automotive).

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“We live partnerships in topics, regions and customers.”